Luke Carter

I am the preacher at the Nampa church of Christ and was given a wonderful opportunity to share the gospel with the churches in South Africa through the Southern Africa Bible College. I want to thank the many churches and individuals in Idaho who have given me support to be able to have this wonderful opportunity.

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It has been a very busy and quick few days in Capetown. We flew in early Friday morning and went straight to Table Mountain. We had to wait an hour in the blazing heat to get onto the cable car. We met a nice couple from Germany and a local named Waldo who had a pack that ended up...

The last two days in South Africa have been very eventful as we have seen the wonderful majesty and beauty that God has created. We started in the Lion Park and had the opportunity to really look at the lions close up and even had the opportunity to pet the cubs.

Day of Service


We had a wonderful day of service here in South Africa. We started with scraping paint of the protective bars at the school so they can be repainted. This was a process and more tiring than one may think. We then had a nice lesson by Jonathon for the chapel time at SABC.

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